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Building Inbound Links ...

This webmaster directory is a human edited, free reciprocal links directory and we welcome new link exchanges, providing the other site's content is of a reasonable quality and relevant to the Internet, the Web or computing. The importance to all Websites of building high-quality, relevant, inbound links is now well documented and is a major factor used by search engines when determining the importance of a Website in their index. Because of this we will now only consider exchanges where the page that contains the reciprocal link to us is listed in the Google index and has a Google PageRank™ of at least PR2.

Linking Patterns ...

There are three different linking patterns that are prevalent on the Web, one-way linking, two-way linking and three-way linking. From the point of view of the search engines the best type of linking is one-way linking because they consider one-way links to be an unsolicited vote from one Website for another.

The second type of linking is two-way or reciprocal linking and this type of linking appears to have become devalued in the eyes of the search engines because it is easy to spot and it's primary objective is to build link popularity and convince search engines that a site is more popular than it really is.

The third type of linking is three-way or triangular linking where Site-A links to Site-B, Site-B links to Site-C and Site-C links back to Site-A, thereby appearing to create three one-way links. Although no one knows for certain, it is now becoming widely believed that search engines like Google can spot this type of linking behaviour and that they disapprove of it as much as they disapprove of two-way reciprocal linking.

However, I think that Google have a problem because all these link building strategies became prevalent as a result of Google's own PageRank™ system and if they clamped down on these types of link building they would effectively wipe out a great chunk of the World Wide Web. Their users search experience would certanily not be as rich as it is now and they would begin to lose users to competing search engines.

Which Is Best? ...

Without good quality inbound links a Website will not prosper and having read the section above it is obvious that the best linking pattern is one-way linking. However, the problem with one-way linking is that very few of us have the ability to attract large numbers of high-quality, relevant, inbound links without giving something in return.

+++ Misconception +++
Google owns the Registered Trade Mark PageRank™ and most people presume that this term derives from the 'Rank' of a Web 'Page'. The reality is a little different because the term PageRank™ derives from the system of ranking Web pages that was first created by Larry Page, the co-founder of Google.

Submission Guidelines ...

The first objective of these guidelines is to protect the good reputation of the Web-Wise-Wizard Website and the Web-Wise-Wizard Directory. The second objective is to ensure that only clean, indexable links are posted in the Web-Wise-Wizard Directory and that only clean, indexable links point back to the Web-Wise-Wizard Website. The World Wide Web contains huge quantities of relatively useless links and we do not wish to add to these numbers.

  1. The only Websites that will be considered for inclusion are those that we consider suitable for family viewing.
  2. In most circumstances, sites included in the directory must contain quality content that is at least, loosely relevant to the Web-Wise-Wizard site content. Most search engines now consider link and page relevance to be an important issue.
  3. Websites submitted for inclusion must have their own domain name (e.g. and usually, we will not add Websites located on personal web space, free hosting sites, etc.
  4. The page containing the reciprocal link must be capable of being indexed by search engines. This means that there must be clear navigation path from the site's home page (index) to the page containing the reciprocal link.
  5. Reciprocal links should be static and must be created as HTML text links or HTML image links. Other types of link including JavaScript links, CGI redirect links, etc., are not acceptable.

Google PageRank™ ...

There are arguably four different types of Google PageRank™, Real PageRank, Toolbar PageRank, Toolbar Display and Directory PageRank. By far the most important of these is Real PageRank because this is the figures Google uses internally to determine traffic share, page importance, etc. The least important of these is Toolbar PageRank because it can be months out of date, wildly out of sync with Real PageRank and is often only a temporary guess as to the true importance of a Web page. It can also be spoofed by unscrupulous Website owners.

Because of this we do not use Toolbar PageRank as any sort of indicator when evaulating prospective link exchange partners but instead only use Real PageRank or predicted Real PageRank for this purpose. Determining Real PageRank requires special tools that interrogate the Google index directly and we have made the best of these tools that we have found, available to our users. Visit our Site Check Predictions Toolbox page and start by checking out your own Website. These are the tools that helped us build up the Web-Wise-Wizard PageRank and many of you could be pleasantly surprised by the results.

What We Do In Return ...

The Web-Wise-Wizard Directory is new (December, 2005) and our objective is to create a directory that provides both a good surfing experience for our users and at the same time can be easily indexed by search engines. The Directory is part of the Web-Wise-Wizard site and is not affilated with any other Directory or any link promotion scheme. Information you provide is confidential and will not be passed to any third-parties. Names and email addresses are not published in the directory.

  1. All directory pages are directly linked from the Web-Wise-Wizard Home Page as well as from the main Directory index page.
  2. We limit the number of external links to different Domains to fifty Domains per page and we make sure that links are relevant to the particular page.
  3. We take active steps to improve the Google PageRank™ of all of our Directory pages. At the time of writing the main Directory Index Page page enjoys a page rank of PR5 and we expect all our directory pages to start achieving a good page rank in their own right.
  4. We are developing good, relevant, editoral content on each of our directory pages so that each page will be indexed and ranked in it's own right and not just be a page full of links.
  5. All our links are good, clean HTML links that are fully indexable. We do not use JavaScript links, CGI redirect links or any other method that masks, spoofs or detracts from the effectivness of the links in our directory.

Link Directly To This Page ...

help support free information on the Internet ...

Many users prefer to link directly to individual content pages on Web-Wise-Wizard. If you would like to do this then we have provided the following HTML/CSS link script which you can copy and paste directly into your HTML editor. Alternatively, you might like to use our New Dynamic Link Generator to create a link that more fully meets your own particular requirements.

the link displayed ...

Webmaster Discussions/Directory Use this section to 'Add Your URL', 'Exchange Links' or grab link Markup, buttons and banners. Learn about SEO issues and how to improve your visibility in search engines like Google.

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