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The World Wide Web is awash with downloadable clipart, images and photographs, much of it free and much of it you have to pay for. All web clipart is bitmap images which are made up of pixels, rather than vectorized drawings which are not suitable for displaying in a web browser. Clipart can be split into three categories which are line-art drawings (including bitmapped text), photographs and background images.

Many users, particularly new users, find it difficult to locate much of this clipart and this page is intended to help them by listing Websites that directly provide downloadable clipart or Websites that in our opinion are useful resources in that they provide details of other Websites that provide downloadable clipart. There is one caveat that you should be aware of when downloading clipart on the World Wide Web. All clipart is by definition Copyright© and and because of this you should always read the 'Terms of Usage' (or similar) on any Website you download clipart from.

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