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I think that we can all agree that the most important page on a Website is the home page (Home) but I am now going to be controversial and suggest that the second most important pages on a modern Website are the links or directory pages. I would also suggest that you do not call them links pages or use the word link in sub-directory names because search engines are likely to reduce the value of the page and the links that the page contains. Instead, call them resources pages, directory pages or best of all call them by a name that describes the type of links that the page contains (e.g. Clipart Downloads >> clipart-image-downloads.html).

Make sure that you provide several paragraphs of relevant, high quality, keyword rich editoral comment or tutorial at the beginning of each of your directory pages because this will help to convince search engine robots that the page has some real quality content and that the resources (links) are in support of that quality content, not just a poor attempt at a link farm. With decent directory pages you can then start working on getting some inbound links or link exchanges to the directory pages themselves. This would really start giving them a boost in their own right.

Many site owners appear to be embarrased by their own directory pages and they bury then deep in the link structure of their site or do not connect them into the site link structure at all. Here at Web-Wise-Wizard, we do exactly the opposite and make sure that every page in our Web Directory has an HTML link (a small insignificant link maybe) from the Home Page and from as many other pages as possible. This tells the search engine robots that we think the pages are important which helps to ensure that they are indexed. The home page links also ensure that the directopy pages inherit the best PageRank possible. Remember, the further down the link structure a page is found, the more the PageRank of the page is reduced.

I will now explain why I believe that resource or directory pages are the second most important pages on a modern Website. If your resource or directory pages have the apperance of high-quality content pages and they link directly from your home page, and if these directory pages inherit the highest PageRank that your site is able to currently achieve, then other Websites that enjoy the same or a better PageRank will be happier exchanging links with your site. In turn, these higher quality inbound links will help to improve your own site's PageRank which should mean that your site could start to receive thousands of new referrals from search engines. You should always remember that modern search engines only want to provide their users with the best possible surfing experience and their artificial intellegance is becoming quite adept at avoiding anything less.

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