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A series of semi-automated SEO tools and links to check your site or any other site on the World Wide Web. Alexa Traffic Ranking, Google PageRank, PageRank predictions, domain lookup, back links into a site (with predicted PR), list site pages (with predicted PR), number of links on a page plus various Google index checks. An absolute must for any serious Webmaster or site owner who wants to improve the visibility of their site.

This site checking toolbox was born out of a need to evaluate link exchange requests properly but the utilities it provides are also extremely useful when used to check your own site. Used carefully, these tools enable you to build up an overall picture of a prospective link exchange partner and to provide specific information about the page that will contains the reciprocal link to your site. Before we evaluated our outward links using these tools our Google Real RageRank™ was PR4 but after using these tools to evaluate and remove over 100 non-earning, outward links the Web-Wise-Wizard Google Real PageRank™ jumped to PR6.

Google PageRank™ Complexities ... ...

24-March-2008:  Google has begun a deep crawl analysis of the whole of the World Wide Web. This means that they are re-indexing every Web page in the Google index plus any new pages they find as a result of the crawl. This massive undertaking which could take several weeks, requires Googlebot to crawl some nine billion Web pages. Prior to commencing the crawl Google reset the Real PageRank figure for every Web page in their index to PR0 and this figure will remain until the deep crawl analysis has been completed. Once completed, queries to the Google index should return the new Real PageRank figure for every Web page and hopefully, Google will start the process of updating the Toolbar PageRank figures.
In practical terms, this means that many of the tools on this page which rely on using Real PageRank data will not work to their full potential until Google makes the new Real PageRank figures available. Watch this space.

Before we proceed it might be useful to say a few words about Google PageRank. A factor that is likely to confuse anyone who is new to Google PageRank is that there are effectively four different types of Google PageRank, Real PageRank, Toolbar PageRank, Toolbar Display and Directory PageRank. Adding to the confusion is the fact that Google has a large number of data centers scattered around the World that contain the PageRank databases and these databases are very rarely in sync with each other. This means that you will regularly get conflicting results returned by different data centers for the same PageRank query. Of the four different types of Google PageRank, Real PageRank is arguably the most important by far.

URL Checking List ...

Start by entering a domain name and/or the address of a web page on the World Wide Web using the format 'domain=' and/or 'page='. Each instruction should start on a new line and when you have finished entering the details you should click the Update button to make the domain/page information dynamically propogate through the various links and tool instructions further down the page. If you just enter the address of a page then the domain will be extracted from the page address.

Some Very Useful Links

Let's start with some very useful links. The table below is dynamic which means that the options provided will vary depending on the information contained either in the search string when this page is loaded or in the 'URL Checking List' box above which overrides the search string. The options include loading the target page(s) into a new browser window, viewing the source HTML Markup of the target page(s), checking if the page(s) exist in the Google index, checking if the page(s) exist in the Google cache, loading the Google 'Add URL' page and loading the Google 'Report Spam' page.


Toolbar & Real PageRank

This excellent tool from 'SearchEngine Engine' interrogates the Google index directly and extracts the Toolbar PageRank and the Real PageRank for a list of URLs. If the results for the same URL vary, then the cause is likely to lie with Google who have a large number of data centers scattered around the World which are not necessarily in sync with each other. Also, the results will almost certainly vary, depending on whether you use the 'www.' prefix or not.


Site Pages Checker

Another excellent tool, this time from iWebTool. It lists all the pages from the specified Domain that are listed in the Google Index and it additionally provides a calculation for each page as to the future Real PageRank of the page after the next Google Real PageRank update. Highly recommended.


External Back Links Checker

A variation on the Site Pages Checker above, again from iWebTool. This tool lists all the pages in the Google index that contain a link to the specified Domain and again, it additionaly provides a calculation for each page as to the future Real PageRank of the page after the next Google Real PageRank update. Highly recommended.


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Web-Wise-Wizard - Site Check Predictions Toolbox Tools to check your site or any other site. Traffic Ranking, PageRank, PageRank predictions, domain lookup, links to a site, list site pages, number of links on page. An absolute must for site owners.

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